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Biography Work and Social Art can be practiced with groups of people or in one-on-one sessions. This multi-layered modality inspired by the insights of Rudolf Steiner, invites you to examine the tapestry of your life in seven year cycles to identify specific themes that arise and take a fresh look at challenges you face. 

One of the main signatures of this type of approach is that we look simultaneously at present, past and future events in your life. Please find out more about this modality here 

As a trained facilitator and ally in this journey, I help you investigate what matters to you and what stands in your way, and together we celebrate your life. This is not therapy; it is a modality appropriate when you are feeling stuck but feel that your life is generally manageable. 
When experienced in a group setting, Biography Work and Social Art offers unexpected gifts. We all recognize that we live in challenging times and can feel isolated and disconnected both in our personal lives, and at work.


Organizations and communities can benefit from exploring issues such as communication and trust. Finally, biography and social arts workshops for groups can be celebratory in nature and appropriate for rites of passage.

"The invitations to explore my life phases through imagery, somatic awareness and anthroposophical insights, as well as learning some sounding which helped regulate my nervous system, were vital experiences during a time I was experiencing great vulnerability. Ivette offered safe, welcoming , productive and regenerative online sessions which encouraged me to reawaken my own deep listening and trust my  journey."

Maria Eduar, Sao Paulo,  Brazil.



I offer a 25 minute free consult so we can find out if this is a good fit.Some common themes people explore include relationships with money, parenting, birth,death or any life transition.

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