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I was born and raised in Brazil and my family’s background is European. Having now spent two thirds of my life in the US I am attuned to what it means to navigate different cultures. I am fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French and work therapeutically in those languages.


 Attentive Coaching draws from a rich tapestry of modalities for listening to the mind, body and soul. Integrating the influences of Psychosynthesis, medical QiGong, Meditation, Contemplative Movement and Biography and Social Arts, I bring a deep and sacred respect for slowing down and observing what is going on within us so we can choose how to act rather than react. As part of my background, I also bring over 20 years of experience teaching and mentoring the World Language program in Waldorf Schools.

I am a lifelong learner and an artist at heart. I value human connection, poetry, movement, silence and the natural world. Humor and playfulness are an essential part of my approach to healing. My work with clients supports a process of self-discovery and I look forward to collaborating with you. 


Psychosynthesis Life Coach,

The Synthesis Center of Amherst, Massachusetts.


Contemplative Dance Two-Year Program.  Alton Wasson, M. Div.,S.T.M. and Daphne Lowell, M.F.A., Massachusetts.


Women’s Qi Gong Teacher Training with Debora Davis, Lac and Daisy lee,

Biography and Social Arts Facilitator, Center For Biography and Social Art, Sunbridge College, NY.


K-12 French and Spanish Language Teacher, Marymount College, NY.


MA Brazilian Literature, New York University, NY.

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